Shakuhachi Repair Rates

Shakuhachi Repair Rates

Shakuhachi flutes are beautiful instruments. Such delicate craftsmanship is going to require upkeep regularly. Maintaining your shakuhachi flute well will mean a lower likelihood of getting it repaired–but even the most careful musicians will need to repair their instruments at some point. When that time inevitably comes, it is best to get your shakuhachi flute repaired by professionals so that you will not have to worry about the quality of the outcome.

Serious maintenance that could need professional assistance includes (but is not limited to) center joint finishing, urushi lacquer refinishing, crack repair, and retuning. At Chikushin Shakuhachi, we ensure that your shakuhachi repairs are done efficiently, thoroughly, and effectively by experienced craftspeople.

How Shakuhachi Repair Works

You might be curious as to how exactly shakuhachi repair is carried out. It can often be a bit complex and requires professional experience and training. While there are many different methods for shakuhachi repair depending on the issue–from repairing cracks and splits to Utaguchi replacement to the Nakatsuki joint and more–every Shakahuchi flute must be carefully inspected. The problem or problems will be identified: cracks, chips, or a nasty musical tone will be assessed for severity.

Sometimes, a shakuhachi can be repaired by more binding and lacquering. Other times, some or all of the shakuhachi flute must be replaced because the damage is too extensive. Regardless of your specific maintenance needs, at Chikushin Shakuhachi, we have the tools and expertise to take care of you. High-quality shakuhachi repair is our top priority.