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Chiku-Shin Shakuhachi are made using traditional tools, materials, and measuring formulas. The bamboo used is high quality madake harvested in Japan. Both Jiari and Ji nashi Shakuhachi Generally tuned to a pitch between 440 and 442.They have standard angle and depth of the Utaguchi as well as standard whole measurements and inner bore dimensions. All Chiku-Shin Shakuhachi are made with quality and heart.


竹心尺八は、日本の伝統的な道具、材料、技法を使用し、アメリカカリフォルニア州サンタスザナで 尺八を作っています。材料の竹は日本から輸入した真竹を使用しています。地ありと地なし両方の尺八は、440から442の間で調律されています。標準寸法(角度、歌口の部分の深さ、内径のサイズ、など)にしたがって作られています。竹心尺八は英語、日本語療法の問い合わせに対応しています。気軽に連絡ください。

Shakuhachi Events

2019 Los Angeles Kakizaki Workshop

2019 Los Angeles Kakizakai Workshop

The 2019 Kakizakai workshop hosted by ChikuShin / Shawn Schroeder. The weekend of June 28 through June 30 2019. Kakizaki gave private individual lessons, Sunday, June 30, followed by a Group class and short concert. After the concert people enjoyed a barbecue and had lots of fun talking shakuhachi. There was approximately 20 people that attended the barbecue which lasted a few hours after the concert. This was the first time it was hosted by Shawn of ChikuShinShakuhachi. Kakizaki has been coming to Los Angeles after the rocky camp In Boulder Colorado Since 2008, this June 2019 would be his 11th year. It was a great honor to host his teaching weekend, looking forward to more shakuhachi workshops by Kakizaki. Kaoru Kakizakai is one of the leading professional and international teachers of the shakuhachi, he studied under Katsuya Yokohama sensei.