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What Shakuhachi Flutes Are Made of

How can you tell that a Shakuhachi for sale is authentic? Shakuhachi Flutes are only made from the highest quality bamboo if you are looking for authenticity.

How Shakuhachi Flutes Are Made

The first step in making a shakuhachi flute is to harvest high-quality bamboo. The stalks are either grown by the flute makers or other bamboo growers. The bamboo stalks are then dried and cured. Doing this makes the bamboo strong and hard to break.

The first step is to cook the bamboo until it is gray and then expose it to outside weather to sun bleach the exterior. Bamboo stalks that are not straight are straightened during this time. The heat is what makes the bamboo flexible and easy to make straight.

Now how the shakuhachi flute makes its sound is from something called a Utaguchi. An excellent word to say and key for that beautiful sound. An Utaguchi is a resonator and is added to the flute, so the air you blow into the flute makes a sound.

Then, something just as crucial as the resonator is called a Nakatsuki. This is an essential joint in the flute’s middle because the bamboo is not the correct length for a flute. With the Nakatsuki, you can connect different parts of the bamboo together so it can be the correct size.

Once you go through that, you will need to go through the process of tuning your flute. That means spacing out the holes perfectly on the flute and making the holes just right so the notes you are playing sound right.

When you feel like the flute is all tuned up, you apply lacquer, which makes it a beautiful color and protects it from moisture. You will regularly put the lacquer on the flute throughout the process so the flute can be smooth. You can also add bindings to the flute to help prevent damage.

This flute is made most impressively and beautifully. This way, the flute will sound as authentic as it can. The making of this Shakuhachi flute is genuinely an art, and buying the Shakuhachi flute is the best way to have Japanese art in your life.