Licensed Shakuhachi Teacher

Bill Shozan Schultz

About Shakuhachi Teaching

Licensed Shakuachi TeacherTypically I teach at my home studio on the west side of Los Angeles five days a week, Tuesday thru Saturday. Individual one hour lessons are one on one and by appointment only. I teach beginners through advanced players who are interested in and want to focus on classical honkyoku or sankyoku. Throughout the year I also host and arrange for selected individual teachers to hold weekend teaching workshops for my students and other interested shakuhachi enthusiasts from surrounding communities. I have been hosting these special guests for over ten years now and regulars include Kaoru Kakizakai from Japan and Riley Lee from Australia. I also offer some of my students a chance to play with koto players by arranging 1 day workshops where a preselected piece, either a classical ensemble piece or a koto & shakuhachi duet piece, is the subject for the day. These koto workshops are always limited to 3 or 4 shakuhachi students.

Studying The Art of Shakuhachi

I lived in Japan from 1984 thru 1994 studying shakuhachi under Koyama Seizan, a renowned Tozan master living in Kyoto. Upon returning to Los Angeles I began teaching shakuhachi in the ethnomusicology department at UCLA (1995-2001) and then from 2005-2011 I frequently returned to Japan to continue my study of classical honkyoku with Fukushima Jyosui, a master of Meian shakuhachi and the current head of the Myoan Suizen Kai (blowing meditation group) at the Myoan temple in Kyoto.


I am a Japan member, and licensed teacher, of both the Tozan Ryu Shakuhachi Guild and the Myoan Shakuhachi Society. I hold a Daishihan (grandmaster) certificate from Tozan Ryu and Kaiden and Doushu (complete transmission and headmaster) certificates from Myoan shakuhachi.

In addition to my private teaching I regularly lecture at UCLA and the Claremont Colleges about Japanese music and culture. I periodically perform solo or with an ensemble and also do soundtrack recording work for feature films, including Snow Falling on Cedars and The Last Samurai.

For any further information or questions feel free to contact me by email at: [email protected]