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Chiku-Shin Shakuhachi Utaguchi Caps


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Chiku-Shin-Shakuhachi Utaguchi Caps are a handmade mouthpiece cap designed to protect the delicate blowing edge of a Shakuhachi. They are highly recommended for protecting the mouth piece of your Shakuhachi. Shakuhachi Utaguchi Caps are made out of leather and range in size, depending on the size needed for any given Shakuhachi. They are designed and crafted to mimic the style of Shakuhachi Utaguchi Cap that are hand made in Japan. Made by leather smiths in the infamous Garment District of Los Angeles, they are crafted with great care under Shawnee’s instructions. The leather smiths that create the Chiku-Shin-Shakuhachi Utaguchi Caps for Shawnee use a Japanese leather sewing machine, which is capable of creating stitching that is very fine, and identical to the process used in Japan to this date. The Japanese sewing machines Shawnee uses to create his Chiku-Shin-Shakuhachi Utaguchi Caps in the Garment District of Los Angeles are the same as those used when these are crafted in Japan. Therefore, the caps are the same quality with the same process used as those that come directly from Japan. The Chiku-Shin-Shakuhachi Utaguchi Caps that Shawnee creates are of the highest quality one would obtain, with no difference between those he produces and those made in Japan.

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Weight 27 g
Cap Sizes

4-32.5 mm, 5-33.5 mm, 6-35.5mm, 7-36.5mm, 8-37.5mm, 9-38.5mm, 10-39.5mm, 11-40.5mm, 12-41.5mm, 13-42.5mm, 14-43.5mm, 15-44.5mm

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