Chiku-shin Shakuhachi Bags

Chiku-shin Shakuhachi bags are made from imported Japanese materials. All bags are handmade from high quality material. They are attractive, elegant, traditionally crafted, and functional. When making Chiku-shin Shakuhachi bags, Shawnee pulls from rolls of Japanese Shakuhachi bag material. All of the material is imported from Japan and special ordered for Chiku-shin. The material used to create the tassels is also special ordered from Japan, especially for Chiku-shin Shakuhachi bags. The Japanese material is then sewn by a professional in the infamous Los Angeles Garment District, using the same methods and traditional techniques used to create Shakuhachi bags in Japan. The end result is a beautiful, meticulously sewn, thoughtfully designed, traditional style Shakuhachi bag. The bags are designed by Chiku-shin range in size, measuring from 1.2- Shaku to 3.0 Shaku, in order to meet the needs of many Shakuachi sizes.



Shakuhachi Storage Bag

Shakuhachi Bag Black & Gold

Shakuhachi Bag Black & Gold

Shakuhachi Storage Bag Black & Gold Cherryblossom

Shakuhachi Storage Bag Blue & Gold

Shakuhachi Storage Bag Purple And Gold Cherry Blossom

Shakuhachi Storage Bag Silver & Blue